Developing a CBD & THC Consumption Lifestyle that Fits Your Needs

As cannabis continues to be legalized across the US, how will you identify the cannabis best for your needs or differentiate between its many uses? The first step in this array of questions is to of course perform research, and we’re here to help you with that. 

This post will help you to understand the basics of CBD, THC, and CBD: THC ratios, as well as help you understand when each solution is optimal for use during different parts of the day as well as which product is a best-fit to help relieve various symptoms.


Cannabinoids are chemical compounds secreted by cannabis flowers that, in previous times, were thought to have no primary role in a plant's development. However, it is now hypothesized that these cannabinoids act to defend the plant's immune system from outside intruders. When consumed, cannabinoids imitate the body’s natural endocannabinoids, which are crucial to maintaining our internal wellbeing.  They function to mediate communication between the body’s cells but have different effects based on their binding receptors. Two examples of primary cannabinoids are CBD and THC. CBD provides medicinal benefits whereas THC creates psychological effects that produce short-term feelings of euphoria, nostalgia, and other associative benefits. Below is a wheel documenting the effects of CBD and THC.


Waking Up With CBD

Imagine the caffeinated indulgence of a freshly brewed cup of coffee, minus the jitters, with a side of calmed nerves. In small amounts, CBD can create an energizing effect, which is ideal for the morning hours. And as the most active cannabinoid out of 113 cannabinoids, CBD has been shown to be a non-psychoactive substitute for caffeine cravings. Medicinally, CBD has been proven to have neurogenic and neuroprotective effects and further research suggests that CBD is safe even at varying dosages.

CBD can also serve as an:

Enjoy Your Weekend Leisure with THC

THC binds to receptors within the brain and central nervous system in order to produce euphoric and relaxing effects. Therefore, THC can be a key leisure supplement and multifaceted solution to a good night’s rest. This cannabinoid, and its accompanying profiles, provides effective experiences that are great to relax at home, watch a movie, or listen to your favorite music. THC has also been shown to provide relief for over 23 medical conditions and ailments, be effective in chronic pain management, and most notably, destroy cancer and tumor cells. However, whether consumed as an edible or vaporized, individual responses to THC can vary, and trial and error is best to determine personal limits.

Together They Rise

By combining the positive effects of CBD with the stimulating effects of THC, different benefits can be experienced. The combination of the two can be organized into ratios, CBD: THC. Different ratio amounts of CBD: THC yield different experiences:

As CBD can lessen stimulating effects of THC, a greater ratio of CBD-to-THC produces less stimulation. Therefore, popular demand for recreational use seems to favor ratios with higher THC. Because of this, the typical products in your local dispensary may have THC: CBD ratios as high as 20:1 for flowers and 80:1 for concentrates. Nonetheless, studies have shown that participants experienced more pleasurable effects and less anxiety with the combination of CBD and THC than they felt with THC alone. Therefore, in determining the best dosage, users usually start with the most proportionate 1:1 ratio and alter from there.

Our Use of Cannabinoids

You can now see why we find value in the use of cannabinoids. From their medicinal healing properties to their ability to enhance a good time, we find value in creating whichever experience you choose, just for you. Therefore, we’ve taken the guesswork out of ratio experimentation and have created product lines to fit your needs. Whether you seek to take advantage of the morning CBD energy with our Daytime: Focus product or relax and enjoy social occasions with our Evening: Social product or benefit from the relaxing effects of THC concentration with our Weekend: Retreat product, we’ve formulated the ratio for the optimal time. Join us as we experience the benefits of CBD and THC to create added benefits for the body’s overall wellbeing.