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Highlights from MJ Biz Daily's Navigating the CBD Maze with James Henry SF Co-Founder

The James Henry Team wanted to share highlights from one of the world’s largest cannabis conferences at Marijuana Business Daily’s MJ Biz Conference - Las Vegas. This event highlights B2B innovation and education for cannabis business professionals and curious business owners from around the world. The growing support for cannabis legalization and normalization continues as MJ Business Daily reports a record number of attendees with over 27,000 registered participants.

Our very own co-founders were in attendance at the conference with John Henry - COO, James Henry SF participating in an interesting panel discussion that filled a conference room at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Navigating the CBD Maze. The panel discussion focused on sharing legality, efficacy, consumption methods, and other relevant information on both hemp and cannabis CBD products and applications. James Henry SF was honored to participate on the panel with EBB & Flow Farms and Herba Prima Co-Founder/CEO Amy Pascal and East Fork Cultivars Education & Partnership Manager Anna Symonds, both from the Oregon market. The panel was moderated by Marijuana Business Daily’s John Schroyer who asked a series of questions that allowed the panelists to explain full spectrum extracts and isolates, hemp-derived vs cannabis-derived extracts, promising business opportunities for the growing CBD markets, their views on CBD for pets, and more. Guests eagerly listened to the various expertise and advice which included cultivation experiences as well as extraction experiences. Here’s what John had to say about the panel:

It was an honor to share experiences and perspectives on the rise of CBD across the country. While there are plenty of business opportunities, the real power is in helping people learn about the benefits of CBD and how effective use can mean the difference between an average individual, or a patient, and a better quality of life. There are thousands of stories from all demographics where a CBD-enriched endocannabinoid system yields faster recovery times from fatigue, relief from nausea, anxiety, dry skin, and many other common and chronic inconveniences.

For entrepreneurs and businesses looking to participate in the CBD cultivation and product industry, we all have a responsibility to the patients and consumers that re looking for relief from something when they purchase our products. It’s up to us to navigate the local regulatory landscapes in addition to the true science behind developing products that are effective and/or supplemental. But we must always remember the purpose via the quality and care we place into our products and businesses.

Lastly, it was a great pleasure ot participate on the panel with other great entrepreneurs and industry professionals with Marijuana Business Daily. As this was my second year attending, it was an honor to return as a guest speaker at the largest cannabis event in the world!