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Universities are Teaching Cannabis

Class is in session, and if you are matriculating in the upcoming years, expect to see medical cannabis in the curriculum. With multiple states coming online to legalize medical cannabis it is no surprise that accredited universities are now adding cannabis to their curriculum. The science in medical cannabis can’t be ignored due to the amount of documented research and case studies that prove it’s medicinal benefits. The beauty of the university's movement to add cannabis to their curriculum is that all of its medical findings can now be explored in a trusted academic setting.

Why Should We Further Cannabis Research?

There are many cases where the medicinal properties of cannabis have reversed and/or cured chronic health conditions that over 133,000,000 Americans may be facing. Dr. Jeff Chen, the head of UCLA cannabis research, and his team of 40 are part of this ever so growing number of intellects and scholars who are invested in the research based on empirical data. Many universities and medical platforms are studying cannabis and its positive response to receptors within the human body. The messaging seems to be the same with all researchers,

"Cannabis may represent a cheap, safe, and effective alternative to certain pharmaceutical drugs for certain diseases" – Dr. Jeff Chen of UCLA.

JamesHenry believes that this research will allow everyone to review the findings and make an informed decision when it comes to their health.

Where Is Cannabis Headed?

States who have legalized marijuana have noticed a decrease in prescription drugs, crime, 911 calls and homicide. The vast information regarding the health benefits of cannabis is causing a ripple effect, and soon, this new paradigm, proven with academia science, will be known as fact. Thanks to modern technology and medical science, information can be shared and explored across the globe with one click of a button.

Universities with Cannabis Education/Research

  • University of Washington

  • University of California Davis (UC Davis)

  • Oregon State

  • Dunlap-Stone University

  • University of Vermont

  • Ohio State University

  • Northern Michigan University

  • Hofstra

  • Harvard University

  • Denver University

  • Cloverleaf University

  • Vanderbilt University

  • UCLA

  • University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy

  • LSU Louisiana State University

  • Southern University

  • Oaksterdam

What is the Economic Growth of Cannabis?

We’ve explored all of the positive effects that cannabis can have on the human body and overall health benefits, now let’s dive deeper into another little secret. This wonder of a plant has been estimated to bring in $70 Billion dollars by 2021. In its infant stage, there has never been another industry to have had projections like these.

The fact that universities are adding cannabis to their curriculum says a lot about our advancement in the direction of medicine. Here at JamesHenry, we encourage one another to learn from history.

A great historical philosopher once said “Let Thy Food be Thy Medicine.”

And we plan to do just that. At James Henry SF we provide you with the education and the tools to make informed decisions on your medicine of choice.