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The Rise of Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine

The Knox Family And Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine

Many are fascinated by the Schedule I drug that is being utilized by an increasing number of peers, medical professionals, and legislatures who find it a viable solution for many chronic aches, illnesses, and therapeutic reliefs. It’s from these reliefs that the term Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine has been coined, which is the use of cannabis to cure ailments and disease. Because of this new perception of cannabis, now both patients and doctors can focus on the preventive and therapeutic aspects of its consumption for health & wellness.

Meet the Knox Family

The Knox family of medical professionals have been shaking the medical cannabis space in an encouraging way for many years. With their compassion and medical expertise, the Knox Family has boldly created a solution to the often criticized 5-10 minute medical marijuana consultation by incorporating primary care into the recommendation process. Their segment on Megyn Kelly shares a heartwarming testimony with worried parents and an infant affected by an inoperable brain tumor.

As a solution, the American Cannabinoid Clinics, co-founded by Dr. Rachel Knox, helped this family when conventional cancer treatment and medicine had failed. The Knox Family and their American Cannabinoid Clinics are giving more and more families hope in cannabis as an effective solution to treat many ailments and illnesses. Check out the link to this amazing interview and get to know the Knox Family of integrative cannabinoid medicine. And as more families realize the power in cannabis, it’s important to ensure that experienced physicians are found that can properly educate and inform patients on how, when and what types of cannabis and products can help balance, regulate and repair the body’s endocannabinoid system for physiological optimization. Click here to schedule a visit or consultation with the American Cannabinoid Clinics.

Knox Family Medicine Values on Cannabis

Thanks to both their advocacy and medical expertise, the Knox family has helped persons from all backgrounds and beliefs, teaching them how to responsibly use cannabis for illness, therapy, and healing.

Dr. Rachel Knox

“We call what we do in the clinics integrative cannabinoid medicine because we know that cannabis is not the thing that’s helping people heal. It is a tool that helps the body really heal itself.”

Dr. Rachel Knox is an international contributor to the medical cannabis community has spoken at the United Nations’ 4th Annual Power of Collaboration Global Summit in 2017 on the efficacy and science of whole plant (cannabis) medicine and holding a seat on the Oregon Cannabis Commission as Commissioner & Vice Chair. As a co-founder of The CannaMD’s and the American Cannabinoid Clinics, Dr. Rachel Knox still makes a great deal of time for patients seeking relevant and experienced cannabinoid care.

Dr. Janice Knox

“All these people are either failed conventional medicine, or conventional medicine had failed them.”

Dr. Janice Knox’s frequently states that her introduction to cannabis-curious consumers was shocking as she was greeted with a wide variety of patients, professionals, and parenting consumers of whom were very different than those that she was expecting to be in search of cannabis’ euphoric high. Her story is amazing as she mentions how her surprise experiences have compelled her to learn and study the endocannabinoid system with its response to phytocannabinoid introduction/supplementation.

Dr. Jessica Knox

“...look at the changes that are happening in these patients; that in a [traditional] primary care clinic, we just weren’t seeing with our own patients.”

Dr. Jessica Knox often recalls her introduction to medicinal cannabis with her sister, Dr. Rachel Knox. When Dr.’s David and Janice Knox would share the success of cannabinoid medicine with their daughters, neither member of the family imagined the clinics that they would govern to provide real comprehensive care while incorporating cannabis-derived treatment options.

Dr. David Knox

“More conventional thought is that cannabis could be used as a last resort, but I really firmly believe there’s a number of conditions that it should be your first resort.”

Dr. David Knox is a firm believer in starting with cannabis as a first resort. Dr. David Knox routinely counsels patients on how to utilize cannabis and cannabis-derived products to help optimize the endocannabinoid system without achieving the often recreationally sought euphoric high.

Are Doctors Allowed to Prescribe Cannabis in 2018?

The direct response to this question is a short, sweet and legal no, doctors cannot prescribe cannabis. In our efforts to keep readers engaged and informed, it’s important to discuss that doctors legally cannot prescribe cannabis. However, if you live in a state where safe access to medical cannabis is available, doctors are allowed to evaluate patients for state-qualifying medical conditions to sign approval, or recommendation, for an issued medical cannabis card that will allow you to access various products to help with those qualifying conditions. In states such as California, a state-issued medical marijuana card can help ease high tax burdens associated with cannabis sales. As a reference, some adult-users are paying taxes as high as 34.5% for cannabis sales transactions. If you reside in the state of California, tell our lawmakers to lower the cannabis use and sales taxes!

How Well Does Your Doctor Know Cannabis?

Getting to Know Cannabis

There’s a wealth of information that exists around the benefits of cannabis of which consumers may find fascinating, exciting and confusing all at once. However, despite mixed feelings, consumers are beginning to embrace cannabis. Some are even turning to home cultivation and countertop infused products. But no matter what side of the spectrum you may be on, a common denominator that exists between all thoughts on the matter is that we all have some form of minimal knowledge on the operations of cannabis. However, where cannabis has been controversially argued as having no medicinal benefit and viewed as a hard drug, we are now living in an increasingly acceptable truth, that our own lack of knowledge and understanding towards cannabis is the root of our dilemma. Therefore, and with that being said, who should we turn to for understanding? A common answer for many is our doctors. However, you’d be surprised to know that most doctors are not as educated on the medicinal benefits of cannabis as you’d think.

A Doctor’s Take on Cannabis

For many of us, our medical physicians and practitioners have been the trusted resource for all matters of health and related medical issues. However, when considering cannabis, this resource is not always the easiest to rely upon. In fact, you’d be quite baffled when asking many medical professionals about their formal training on the endocannabinoid system and the use of cannabis in natural and therapeutic care. Dr. David Allen conducted a survey in 2013 that discovered only 13% of medical schools even mentioned the endocannabinoid system. And even though the system’s functioning to act as a biological regulator is critical to our body’s maintenance, this truth is it’s not discussed in the majority of the medical programs around the country.

Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine

Despite this little-known truth, there are some doctors that are aware of the medicinal benefits that cannabis has to offer and practice it through Integrative Cannabinoid Medicine. Integrative cannabinoid medicine is the modern definition of the use of cannabis to cure ailments and disease.

Dr. Janice Knox sits on the board of Doctors For Cannabis Regulation and is one of few medical doctors in the United States that pursues integrative cannabinoid medicine as a medical practice. Dr. Knox shares her experience stating,

“I had the mindset that most people had at the time ― ‘marijuana is a terrible drug, it’s just a drug. I knew nothing about this medicine... I felt so embarrassed as a physician that that’s where I was. So I really made it a point to learn everything that I could about it’”

Her husband, Dr. David Knox, and daughter, Dr. Rachel Knox, are peers amongst her practice and have mentioned that patients seek the benefits of cannabis, CBD, and THC, without the associated euphoric effects.  Dr. Janice Knox and family are recognized for being both familiar and attentive to patients’ medical needs while utilizing the many delivery methods of cannabis in which one can experience relief. These types of interactions are therefore realities, exchanged with mothers, fathers, lawyers, engineers, and a multitude of diverse patients seeking natural relief from many common illnesses and health issues. Dr. Rachel Knox states, “patients should feel comfortable that the doctor they’re talking about cannabis with is knowledgeable about this medicine” and therefore encourages more doctors to do their research. For more information on how the Knox Family is changing the perception of cannabis, visit The Huff Post’s feature by Amanda Duberman. You can also explore their vision of integrative cannabinoid medicine with the American Cannabinoid Clinics here.

Despite the progression of awareness, the status of cannabis as a Schedule I drug has still stifled relevant, widespread research on the comprehensive physiological effects of cannabinoids on the human body. Adversely, the US government has obtained U.S. Patent #6630507 on the said Schedule I drug, documenting the use of the non-psychoactive cannabinoids to protect the brain from damage caused by various diseases. Therefore, the very existence of the patent on cannabis itself is indeed proof, by the U.S. government and the Department of Health and Human Services, that cannabis is indeed beneficial. Regarding such, lawyer Sam Mendez states,

“Naturally, it shows that there is a certain amount of hypocrisy that there is ‘no accepted medical use’ for cannabis according to federal law. And yet here you have the very same government owning a patent for, ostensibly a medical use for marijuana.”

In an effort to overcome such hypocrisy and even with the hindrances Patent #6630507 may produce, we at JamesHenrySF continue to pioneer: continuing support of research, advocacy, learning, and faith in cannabis treatments.