Cannabis Assists Stroke Recovery

The Facts of a Stroke

Strokes are the nation’s 5th largest killer and affect approximately 800,000 people each year.  A stroke occurs when blood flow to an area of the brain is disrupted. Upon disruption, brain cells that are deprived of vital oxygen and/or glucose can die. This interruption can cause permanent brain damage and in some cases, death.

There are two types of strokes: ischemic and hemorrhagic. An ischemic stroke accounts for about 87% of all strokes and occurs due to clotting in the brain’s blood vessels, ceasing blood from reaching the brain. Ischemic strokes can be brought on by high blood pressure. The second type of stroke is a hemorrhagic stroke. This type of stroke is less common and makes up about 13% of all strokes. However, hemorrhagic strokes are responsible for about 40% of all stroke deaths. Hemorrhagic strokes occur when a blood vessel within the brain ruptures. The blood then spills into or around the brain, creating pressure and damaging cells. High blood pressure is an important risk factor for increasing your chances of having a stroke, but atrial fibrillation may increase the risk of a stroke by 5x. Therefore, strokes do not discriminate against age, and in fact, nearly a quarter of strokes occur in persons under the age of 65.  The surviving effects can result in paralyzation, degraded motor and memory skills, and more if not treated properly.

Cannabis Helps to Repair and Prevent Further Brain Injury Caused By Strokes

Various research and studies are continuing to expand as more and more tests yield positive results for cannabis as an effective neuroprotectant against brain and stroke trauma. And scholarly papers dating back as early as 1998 suggested that cannabinoids, cannabidiol (CBD) and delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), protect equally well against neurotoxicity mediated by certain receptors. Neurotoxicity occurs when excess toxins accumulate in neurological tissue throughout the body, causing the brain and nervous system to function improperly. Symptoms mimic a number of other conditions, including, but not limited to, chronic fatigue syndrome, ADD/ADHD, recurrent sinus troubles, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), and others. Neurotoxicity is triggered in a stroke due to the lack of oxygen attributed to the buildup of metabolites in blood vessels that service the brain.

Studies show that the aforementioned receptors are calcium-dependent.During an ischemic stroke, large quantities of glutamate neurotransmitters are released, causing an overstimulation of N-methyl-d-aspartate receptors (NMDAr), 2-amino-3- (4-butyl-3-hydroxy isoxazole-5-yl) propionic acid (AMPA) and kainate-type receptors. This results in metabolic stress, causing an accumulation of intracellular calcium that becomes toxic to the body’s cells. Studies have demonstrated how neurotoxicity can be reduced by antioxidants or antagonists to NMDAr and AMPA/kainate receptors. That’s where cannabis comes into play. These studies, therefore, serve as one of many examples of why routine detox is not only healthy but may help add years to a patient’s or consumer’s life.

Cannabinoids have been shown to prevent glutamate neurotoxicity by turning on cannabinoid receptors, thereby reducing the calcium influx. Particularly, cannabidiol (CBD), a component of the marijuana plant Cannabis sativa, does not turn on cannabinoid receptors and thereby doesn't produce psychoactive effects seen in THC. Cannabidiol doesn’t activate the cannabinoid receptor but DOES protect neurons from death by glutamate neurotoxicity. Additionally, although butylhydroxytoluene (BHT), used in stroke medications, are linked to promoting tumors, cannabidiol has no such link. Studies have also shown that cannabidiol is not toxic, making it a great potential treatment for strokes. CBD is most promising for treating stroke victims due to its neutrality on cannabinoid receptors, which alleviates undesired psychotropic feelings of experiencing the often noted cannabis “high.”

Cannabis and its Powerful Antioxidant Compounds for the Human Body

CBD, THC, and accompanying phytocannabinoids have been proven to protect neurons from glutamate-induced cell death. Cannabis not only serves as a powerful antioxidant to assist with cancer relief, but many researchers and medical professionals have noted the power of cannabis to optimize cellular communication throughout the body as an effective neurogenerative and neuroprotectant. This means that cannabis can help repair, build, and protect neurons. While the War On Drugs attempted to falsely claim that cannabis kills brain cells, science has proven the opposite time and time again. Combined with the fact that CBD does not produce a psychotropic experience, this makes cannabis a powerfully effective holistic aid in stroke recovery for the 75% of senior patients (65+) that are affected by stroke.

How You Can Use Cannabis to Prevent Stroke

It’s important to note that diet and nutrition in addition to responsible cannabinoid consumption may reduce the risk of stroke. The right fruits and vegetables combined with physical exercise help to maintain healthy brain oxygen levels and blood flow. Stroke discussions are very serious and there are a number of other considerations that should be discussed with your healthcare provider should you exhibiting symptoms or fear certain risk factors. And for those who wish to utilize the natural healing properties of cannabis, there are various methods to responsibly consume cannabis of which include juicing raw/decarboxylated cannabis flower in smoothies, smoking or vaping, eating edibles, applying topicals, and more. It’s just a matter of choosing a responsible method of consumption with proper dosing that fits you or your loved ones’ needs. Many patients and consumers have safe and convenient access to the benefits of responsible cannabinoid consumption. And our supporting medical professionals and physicians at James Henry SF advocate for independent patient research to discover the therapeutic power of cannabis, which incorporates optimizing your health through a therapeutic lifestyle.

Rest In Peace, Dennis

Cannabis Communities Across America Celebrate the Life of Dennis Peron, Father of Medical Marijuana

Communities across America are celebrating the life of Dennis Peron (72-yrs old), a pioneering activist and Vietnam Veteran who helped to place San Francisco’s Proposition P into being. Proposition P passed in November 1991, with a voter majority to legalize cannabis-use within San Francisco city limits. Five years later, Mr. Dennis Peron became a co-author of Prop 215 which proposed a similar initiative to be taken statewide. Mr. Peron spent his final years battling lung cancer and growing and giving away medical cannabis on a 20-acre cannabis farm near Clearlake, CA. He and his partner were also operating a boutique bed & breakfast in San Francisco’s Castro neighborhood, often called the Castro Castle, which has been closed for some time now. Had it not been for Mr. Peron and others like him, our nation may not have the statewide liberties that offer patients a better quality of holistic therapy nor would consumers be able to enjoy safe access to tested products for therapeutic consumption. His legacy is one that will live on in the hearts of cannabis patients and connoisseurs and his fighting spirit is one that will continue to be an example throughout the San Francisco community.

Our deepest condolences to the friends and family of Mr. Dennis Peron. May he rest in peace.

The Fascinating Life of Dennis Peron

After researching the life and times of Mr. Peron, perhaps one of his most memorable quotes that I came across was, “I came home from Vietnam with two pounds of cannabis, and started a career that lasted 40 years.” Mr. Peron was drafted in 1966 and encountered his first cannabis experience in Vietnam. He returned to San Francisco after experiencing the Summer of Love, prior to his tour in the U.S. Air Force, and became a socialite in the Castro District and throughout the city of San Francisco. He is infamously noted for one of his arrests caused by a discovery uncovering 200 pounds of cannabis by the SF Police, of which we assume was for entrepreneurial purposes at the time. Mr. Peron went on to open The Island Restaurant located in the Castro District where it was noted to serve food, cannabis, and a variety of discussions over politics.

Therefore, the Castro neighborhood is notably recognized as a safe haven for its activists and HIV/AIDS patients during the 1980’s. After Mr. Peron lost his partner to AIDS, he became even more politically active and was pivotal in gaining the signatures required to place San Francisco’s Proposition P on the voting ballot. The success of Proposition P laid the foundation for the support that Mr. Peron was able to gain for the overwhelming success of Prop 215 at the state level only five years later in 1996. After such,  Mr. Peron fought trial after trial defending his own charges and convictions, spoke out at many public hearings following wavering support from close political allies, and ultimately did everything in his last breaths to beat the odds against passing medical cannabis legalization and decriminalization. He had seen the benefits of cannabis consumption and what those benefits were doing for patients and for people who were looking for holistic advice. Mr. Peron believed wholeheartedly in the benefits of cannabis consumption with such conviction from what he himself experienced and witnessed, that he dedicated a large portion of his life to fighting for legalization of medical cannabis for all patients, so that they could have a fighting chance against the many of the ailments that cannabis can effectively relieve them from.

As I read article after article and citing after citing, I discovered a clear and evident message that I think Mr. Peron wanted everyone to realize, which was that his causes were unselfish, fueled by the means of love and compassion. Without knowing greater details regarding Mr. Peron, it’s no wonder why his spirit resonated enough to be called a father, a friend, an ally, an angel, and pothead within communities inside and out. If being a pothead enables you to become a pioneering activist, a friend amongst friends, an angel to ailing patients and loved ones, a hero to an international community, AND a diversified entrepreneur...then I say pass the James Henry. Without Mr. Peron, there may not exist another veteran entrepreneur with a fighting spirit and desire to provide safe, affordable access to patients and connoisseurs while ensuring that Mr. Peron’s legislative victories are not undone; but expanded.

Warmest Condolences and Wishes,

John Alston

LTJG - USN, Veteran


James Henry SF

Save Those Lungs By Vaping

You may have heard the whispers of cannabis as being detrimental to consume solely due to a certain method of consumption, smoking. While smoking may not be ideal, cannabis shouldn’t be crossed off the record. There are plenty of methods to consume cannabis, such as edibles and vaping.

Why Is Smoking Bad?

When a user inhales smoke from a cigarette, the smoke gains direct access to the pathway of your lungs. The smoke functions as an irritant and sometimes transitions into the source for bouts of coughing. After this, your airway can become inflamed, put up resistance, and even hyperinflate. And for heavy smokers, an experience of increased mucus production and chronic bronchitis-like symptoms can occur. Some additional consequences from the inhalation of smoke may include the following:

  • Asthma

  • Tuberculosis

  • Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), a progressive disease that causes wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, and other symptoms

  • Emphysema, a condition in which the walls between the air sacs in your lungs lose their ability to stretch and shrink back. Your lung tissue is destroyed, making it difficult or impossible to breathe.

  • Chronic bronchitis, which causes swelling of the lining of the bronchial tubes, decreasing air flow to and from the lungs.

How Is Vaping Better?

In order to understand how vaping is a better method of consumption, we first have to understand what vaping is. Vaping is essentially the heating of the cannabis, without burning it, thereby avoiding the inhalation of smoke. The heat releases the cannabis into a vapor that is then released into the air as a mist, thereby serving as a healthier option to the user’s lungs.

In addition, since vaping doesn’t combust the plant material of cannabis, users avoid the combusted resins of the plant material and prevent harmful carcinogens from entering their lungs. And though cannabis possesses anti-aging properties, smoking can counteract that benefit. Studies suggest that toxic byproducts from marijuana smoke may actually increase skin agingthrough its combustion. Vaping also avoids the potent smell that would be present through consumption by smoking. And in terms of maximizing benefit from it, a study done by Organal Labs found that

“Vaporization allows for 95% efficiency in consumption, which is the highest level in cannabis consumption methods.”

Clearly, vaping adds optimal value to the consumption of cannabis. As such, James Henry SF chooses to utilize vaping’s multifaceted capabilities in getting our cannabis to you.

The James Henry Approach

Our patient and customer experience are important to us. We use premium hardware and product quantities that optimize customer experience by incorporating a sleek, discreet design, an effective ceramic atomizer, and a long-lasting battery that allows our customers to preserve flavor, accessibility, and a smooth experience every time they want to consume. We're pleased to have curated formulations that allow patients and consumers to responsibly medicate during every part of the day with an easy-to-use variety process that eliminates the guesswork in how our products are experienced.

The CCell atomizer in our products functions as a vaporizer, as it involves heating the marijuana as opposed to burning it. This is a key asset to our products. Careful not to inhale too shallow, as our CCell atomizer is very efficient. Not only is the CCell atomizer easily transportable, but it also allows the user to efficiently consume the oil, which has been shown to have miraculous effects on the body. Lastly, vaping via our CCell atomizer allows the user to focus on the effects of the cannabis rather than battling the smoke. Ultimately, this heightens the user experience by simplifying use, all while providing great benefits.

Despite the variety of cannabis options at the dispensary and with all of the methods of consuming cannabis, vaping is the way we chose to go, and you should too! Not only does vaping produce the same experience as smoking, but in a way that both removes the worry of smoke toxins, as well as offering a convenient way to maximize the luxury of your day.

Visiting a Cannabis Dispensary

The term “cannabis” can be scary to those who have never used the plant before, and the cannabis dispensary can be even more overwhelming. With all of the options, different claims and foreign technical verbiage, an overwhelming trip to the dispensary can prevent the average person from visiting again in the future.

All About Cannabis Dispensaries

Despite the rise of cannabis dispensaries in the US, cannabis dispensaries have been prevalent long before any of us were born. Ancient healers, in countries like Egypt, India and China, distributed cannabis and other natural herbs to their patients in efforts to cleanse them of their impurities. Although the western world has met these dispensaries with some resistance in the past, dispensaries today have taken off and are now creating economic opportunity. In Colorado alone, cannabis dispensaries outnumber Starbucks and McDonalds. And the national market shows no sign of stopping as it is estimated that in 2024 the cannabis consumer market will reach 37.3 billion U.S. dollars. But despite the craze, exactly what is a cannabis dispensary?

True to its name, a cannabis dispensary is simply a store where cannabis is dispensed or sold. In the US, there are two general categories of cannabis dispensaries: Adult-Use and Medicinal.

Adult-Use Dispensaries

Adult-use dispensaries specialize in recreational purposed cannabis. Like restaurants? Well, they do have the menu for you. On this menu, you’re likely to find over 20 types of cannabis strains, with more than 50 edible selections, vaporizers, and other goodies.  Flowers may range from indica to sativa and concentrations can range from BHO to CO2. At an adult-use dispensary, you may be greeted by a store attendant referred to as a budtender. These budtenders should be equipped with the knowledge to help you find what you need. Due to the overwhelming abundance of growing information about cannabis benefits and consumption, we encourage all patients and consumers to take some time and perform their own product and information research.

Medicinal Dispensaries

Medicinal dispensaries specialize in providing cannabis to treat ailments and disease. Therefore, patients may be required to have doctor recommendations. Unlike adult-use dispensaries, medicinal dispensaries may resemble a doctor’s office. And in addition, many medicinal dispensaries must operate as nonprofits. Since medicinal cannabis is not taxed the same as adult-use cannabis, the cost of medicinal cannabis may vary.  Despite this price difference, you may be more likely to find medicinal dispensaries than adult-use ones, as 29 states allow for public medical marijuana and cannabis programs and 17 of these states allow the use of THC for medical reasons in limited situations or as a legal defense.



Identifying and Preparing for a Visit

As with any popular trend, locating services soon follow. Services such as Leafly, the MJ Directory and MerryJane help to highlight legal top dispensaries across the states based on various arrays of metrics. The 25 top rated dispensaries across the US, have names such as Lightshade, Calvia, and Airfield Supply Co. We’ve provided a basic map for your convenience below.

However, before choosing which dispensary to attend, it is recommended to identify what symptoms or concerns you are looking to fix or address; kind of like forming a grocery list before a visit to the supermarket. Once you have identified your needs, you should prepare for the following.

For a medicinal dispensary:

  • Perform research ahead of time

  • Have a valid ID

  • A doctor’s recommendation or material as required by state

  • User must be 18 years or older, with certain exceptions to minors in some states

  • User should be prepared to register with the dispensary

  • User should be prepared to have their purchases tracked

  • Always ask questions

For an Adult-Use dispensary:

  • Perform research ahead of time

  • Have a valid ID

  • User must be 21 years or older in order to make a purchase

  • Always ask questions

Innovation from a Visit

Given all of the intriguing information above, I recall my first experience with a cannabis dispensary, and it didn’t go as planned. Upon entering, the budtender asked for my medical card to process my admission and after that, access was granted for me to venture behind the gatekeeper. Upon entering, I was introduced to a variety of options to pick from, some of which I’d never heard of at the time. The range expanded from topicals, to tinctures, to rubs, to bath balm, to vape pens, and more.  At the time, I had no idea what THC, CBN, cannabinoid ratios, C02, BHO, and Carrier Oils meant; and despite this variety of selection, the budtender was unable to help me as thoroughly, due to the limited amount of time that one could stand in a busy dispensary line with other customers patiently awaiting service. Therefore, my initial trip to the dispensary could have easily turned into a hassle which could have been avoided with a little more research. However, from this experience stemmed the inspiration for James Henry SF, an easily understood lifestyle brand that offers relief for any part of the day with an essence of variety to address various needs.

From my unique experience at the dispensary long ago, my team and I created simple, but effective formulations to harness the trip to a dispensary in one go. We’ve developed products that take the guesswork out of your dispensary search, allowing you to take back your day. 

Developing a CBD & THC Consumption Lifestyle That Fits Your Needs

As cannabis continues to be legalized across the US, how will you identify the cannabis best for your needs or differentiate between its many uses? The first step in this array of questions is to of course perform research, and we’re here to help you with that.

This post will help you to understand the basics of CBD, THC, and CBD: THC ratios, as well as help you understand when each solution is optimal for use during different parts of the day as well as which product is a best-fit to help relieve various symptoms.


Cannabinoids are chemical compounds secreted by cannabis flowers that, in previous times, were thought to have no primary role in a plant's development. However, it is now hypothesized that these cannabinoids act to defend the plant's immune system from outside intruders. When consumed, cannabinoids imitate the body’s natural endocannabinoids, which are crucial to maintaining our internal wellbeing.  They function to mediate communication between the body’s cells but have different effects based on their binding receptors. Two examples of primary cannabinoids are CBD and THC. CBD provides medicinal benefits whereas THC creates psychological effects that produce short-term feelings of euphoria, nostalgia, and other associative benefits. Below is a wheel documenting the effects of CBD and THC.


Waking Up With CBD

Imagine the caffeinated indulgence of a freshly brewed cup of coffee, minus the jitters, with a side of calmed nerves. In small amounts, CBD can create an energizing effect, which is ideal for the morning hours. And as the most active cannabinoid out of 113 cannabinoids, CBD has been shown to be a non-psychoactive substitute for caffeine cravings. Medicinally, CBD has been proven to have neurogenic and neuroprotective effects and further research suggests that CBD is safe even at varying dosages.

CBD can also serve as an:

Enjoy Your Weekend Leisure with THC

THC binds to receptors within the brain and central nervous system in order to produce euphoric and relaxing effects. Therefore, THC can be a key leisure supplement and multifaceted solution to a good night’s rest. This cannabinoid, and its accompanying profiles, provides effective experiences that are great to relax at home, watch a movie, or listen to your favorite music. THC has also been shown to provide relief for over 23 medical conditions and ailments, be effective in chronic pain management, and most notably, destroy cancer and tumor cells. However, whether consumed as an edible or vaporized, individual responses to THC can vary, and trial and error is best to determine personal limits.

Together They Rise

By combining the positive effects of CBD with the stimulating effects of THC, different benefits can be experienced. The combination of the two can be organized into ratios, CBD: THC. Different ratio amounts of CBD: THC yields different experiences:

As CBD can lessen stimulating effects of THC, a greater ratio of CBD-to-THC produces less stimulation. Therefore, popular demand for recreational use seems to favor ratios with higher THC. Because of this, the typical products in your local dispensary may have THC: CBD ratios as high as 20:1 for flowers and 80:1 for concentrates. Nonetheless, studies have shown that participants experienced more pleasurable effects and less anxiety with the combination of CBD and THC than they felt with THC alone. Therefore, in determining the best dosage, users usually start with the most proportionate 1:1 ratio and alter from there.

Our Use of Cannabinoids

You can now see why we find value in the use of cannabinoids. From their medicinal healing properties to their ability to enhance a good time, we find value in creating whichever experience you choose, just for you. Therefore, we’ve taken the guesswork out of ratio experimentation and have created product lines to fit your needs. Whether you seek to take advantage of the morning CBD energy with our Daytime: Focus product or relax and enjoy social occasions with our Evening: Social product or benefit from the relaxing effects of THC concentration with our Weekend: Retreat product, we’ve formulated the ratio for the optimal time. Join us as we experience the benefits of CBD and THC to create added benefits for the body’s overall well-being.

James Henry SF Products Overview

The James Henry SF team takes pride in possessing the most potent, uncut disposable cannabis products in the marketplace. Our products are carefully curated from seed-to-sale, with pesticide-free flower sources that undergo various checkpoints during the CO2 extraction and distillation processes. All of our disposable products possess natural, cannabis-extracted compounds and terpenes. Our products contain no additives, no fillers, and no carrier oils. They’re possibly the most beautiful oil in a disposable vape pen EVER!

During development, we carefully identified CBD and THC  ratios to enhance your lifestyle at any time of the day and saving you that trip to the dispensary. CBD balances the negative impacts of THC consumption (i.e. orientation, eye trafficking, heart rate), and various ratios of CBD and THC provide different experiences and benefits.

Daytime: Focus

Start Your Day Off Right

Formulated to de-stress the worries of the workday, our Daytime: Focus formula helps to calm anxiety and maintain concentration for tasks at hand. Inspired by the synthetic pharmaceutical drug Adderall, which is commonly used to treat ADHD, this 5:1 CBD-dominant formulation is great for slowing racing thoughts, smoothing anxious edges, and providing a fully functional experience to help optimize your busy day. This tranquil calm is one that only you will recognize, as this formulation has not been designed to cause low-eyes or other negative symptoms when used properly. Parents and professionals are raving about these benefits.

Our formulation has also been shown to be great for helping ease irritability and anxiety disorder, which has been shown to affect over 40 million adults in the US.  And for those who are still experiencing rattled nerves after a long day in the office, this ratio of THC has been proven to help balance and deescalate those unwanted feelings of anxiety. As it encourages focus, this formula simultaneously aids in relieving ADHD, a chronic condition producing attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness.

Evening: Social

Be Your True Self

Kinda shy? We are too. But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying happy hours with friends and colleagues. Inspired by Prozac, which is used to treat depression, panic attacks, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, we formulated an ideal mix of CBD and THC in our Social product. Our Evening: Social formula is a 10:1 THC-dominant formulation that will take away those feelings of awkward bar conversations, while allowing you to be comfortable with your witty quirks and social ninja skills. By combating the negative effects of THC with the added benefits of CBD, we’ve perfected what you will need in those awkward social situations. This formulation contains the right balance of sativa properties that provide an excellent experience, which is pleasantly apparent to the temple and relieves pressure from behind the eyes.

This ratio has been shown to be effective for inspiring creativity and social engagement. Therefore it simultaneously combats depression, a disorder that affects approximately 14.8 million American adults in a given year. In addition, this 10:1 THC-dominant formulation helps to relieve ache and pain. Thereby it serves as a muscle relaxant with antispasmodic effects, as well as a powerful neuroprotectant and antioxidant. In fact, it has 20 times the anti-inflammatory power of aspirin and twice that of hydrocortisone.

Weekend: Retreat

Relax & Unwind

TGIF! Or not. Weekend: Retreat is great for escaping weekdays and clocking out for weekends alike. The benefits of this THC dominant product are best felt during periods of rest, relaxation, and recovery at home. This formulation will enhance your favorite music album, increase laughter towards your favorite movie, and allow you to rest easier at night. Inspired by the synthetic pharmaceutical drug  Xanax, which acts on the brain to produce a calming effect, and formulated with the experienced consumers in mind, this ratio of indica properties produces an amazing body experience that enables deep relaxation and stimulates recovery of sore muscles from those long gym sessions.

Weekend:Retreat is recommended for relaxation, musical appreciation and sound therapy. Since this formula is dominated by THC, the THC is able to bind with cannabinoid receptors in the brain and central nervous system to stimulate relaxation. Because of this, this product line also helps with insomnia and chronic pain. In addition, Weekend:Retreat helps stimulate the appetite. As THC binds to receptors, they trigger the brain to induce neurons to stimulate the production of ghrelin - the 'hunger hormone'.

How To Use

For your simplicity of use, our disposable vape pen is equipped with hardware that requires no charging or screwing, no buttons and no attaching or detaching. To use, simply open our gorgeous pack and begin enjoying a simple, easy, and relaxing James Henry SF experience.

For maximum benefit, you should take 2-3 second inhalations, by simply putting the atomizer to your lips and inhaling, until desired relief and/or experience is achieved. We suggest inhaling through the CCell Atomizer slowly, almost sipping, for the best experience. Try to avoid holding the vapor within your lungs, as THC has been shown to be absorbed into your system within seconds of inhaling. Feel free to wait a minute or so until the next inhalation.

Our Approach

We recommend using CBD in the morning to assist with focus, a CBD:THC ratio in the afternoon or evening to help enjoy a happy hour or social situation, and a THC solution at night and/or on the weekends for therapeutic assistance and muscle recovery.  We’ve got you covered during every part of the day: we created the optimal daytime product, Focus, to harness CBD’s benefits in order for our users to start their day off right. We formulated Social to allow users to be more comfortable in those awkward social situations. And we crafted Retreat with an optimal THC percentage to provide an ideal user experience for rest and relaxation, all while encouraging responsible consumption. Our products allow consumers to experience all of the great benefits of cannabis throughout the day as a productive and alert individual when consumed properly.