A Responsible Cannabis Lifestyle

The effects of cannabis consumption are quite independent to the consumer and influenced by unique, individual human factors such as nutrition intake, mental/physical fatigue, mood, medical conditions, and more. This means that responsible cannabis consumption starts and stops with you! James Henry SF discusses a responsible cannabis lifestyle to engage progressive conversations on how cannabis consumers and non-cannabis consumers both relate to the idea of cannabis consumption.

Different products containing single and combined ratios of THC and CBD create different effects. Our products help consumers understand the types of considerations that should be given when consuming cannabis and related products throughout the day. For example, our Daytime: Focus CBD Dominant formulation is best suited for daytime and work activities, given its non-euphoric nature, because it contains a ratio of CBD to THC that helps calm anxiety affecting task execution and relaxation. Respectively, our Weekend: Retreat Indica formulation isn’t the James Henry cannabis product that we’d recommend if you’re looking for creativity and productivity; we’d suggest this formulation to rest and recover at home with its deep relaxing side effects that are better suited for curling up with a blanket on the couch than cranking out a laptop for design projects or homework.

It’s important to identify and discuss what types of cannabis and cannabis products are more beneficial for individual consumers. Many people wonder how does one determine such decisions and it’s quite simple; self-experimentation is necessary to determine the right type of products and the right moments to utilize them. This is why James Henry SF places a lot of emphasis in creating and identifying our products based upon the time of day via our proprietary formulation processes.