Frequently Asked Questions


Q: can I order products via mail?

A: Unfortunately, California state and Federal law prohibits the transportation of cannabis via mail. It’s also prohibited to transport products in California across state lines. Hemp products that contain less than the federal limit of <0.3% THC may be transported via mail carrier where local jurisdiction allows.

Q: Where Can I purchase James Henry SF Products?

A: James Henry SF is currently available for retail and wholesale in the state of California. We are updating our list of Retail Partners all the time, check for a Retail Location nearest you. If your favorite dispensary doesn’t carry our products, contact us using the link below and we’ll reach out!

Q: Can you tell me who the artist is?

A: James Henry SF is proud to infuse authentic artwork and culture into our brand. The artwork is based from an original painting by Haitian artist, James Victor. Mr. Victor selected several pieces from his collection for exclusive rights to be utilized by the James Henry SF brand.

Q: WHat does BAS Infused mean?

A: BAS Research helps create the quality and pesticide-free oil inside of our vape products. The BAS Infused logo is a seal of guarantee informing consumers that their products endured multiple phases of testing and quality control to ensure one of the safest and purest vape products on the market.

Q: Can cannabis and your products help with my medical condition?

A: Research from around the world has yielded many success and learning stories from treating a myriad of ailments with cannabis and cannabis-derived products. While cannabis is being discussed in a rising number of medical conversations, we recommend consulting qualified medical professionals that understand the power of the body’s endocannabinoid system for serious medical conditions.

Cannabis has been proven to be effective for many everyday discomforts such as stress, work pains and aches, menstrual relief, restless sleeping or inability to fall asleep, and more. At James Henry SF, we formulated with real medical doctors to ensure our formulations would be sound for everyday lifestyle situations and relief.

Q: What does the future have in store for James Henry SF?

A: James Henry SF is working around the clock to effectively and stylishly provide you with a comprehensive cannabis lifestyle solution, no matter your preferred consumption methods. We are looking forward to the launch of our Hemp CBD product line to expand into other states, the launch of our packaged flower and pre-roll products coming soon in the state of California, We pride our brand and products on having undergone necessary scientific and consumer considerations that support a responsibly sustainable business model for the company, the consumer, the environment, and the community.