A different kind of relief. A responsible kind of solution. Our lifestyle CBD and THC vape products are a perfect fit for a responsible audience.


Pharmaceutical science, social compassion, and a refined elegance embody our brand. We focus on consumption lifestyle for medical reasons, therapeutic assistance and responsible consumer situations. We’ve created unique CBD and THC combination products that can be selected for relief during any part of the day.


Daytime: Focus

Creativity · Energy · Anti-Anxiety · Stress Relief


Ideal formulation for new consumer experiences, anxiety relief, and focus.

High CBD formulation with accompanying THC and terpene profiles that give full functional experience to enable activity and task execution. 

Evening: Social

Anti-Depressant · Uplifting · Communal · Happy Hour


Great during happy hour with friends and other social occasions.

THC-dominant formulation holds a CBD-to-THC ratio helping to tailor euphoric effects, creating a more relaxed, engaged, and connected experience. 

Weekend: Retreat

Deep Relaxation · Recovery · Euphoria · Sleep · Pain Relief


Experienced consumers and patients find effective pain relief.

Full THC formulation offers a deep relaxing experience that is great for recovery and rejuvenation at home and on weekends. 


How We Evolved


We invested in scientific research to understand the benefits of CBD and THC as well as best practices to ensure safe consumption.

We found that through medical usage, patients are able to function during the day and rest peacefully during the night. We’ve observed how this medicine offers help for insomnia, cancer, autism, and countless other ailments.

We created James Henry SF to responsibly utilize the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of CBD and THC.

We believe in the benefits of CBD and THC so much that we transitioned from investors to becoming entrepreneurs ourselves. James Henry SF focuses on responsible alternatives to OTC and prescription drugs.


We are minority entrepreneurs focused on giving back to our community.

James Henry SF proudly represents the 1% ownership of this industry by people of color. Additionally, we actively participate in economic empowerment discussions with local and state legislatures.



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