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Highlights from MJ Biz Daily's Navigating the CBD Maze with James Henry SF Co-Founder

The James Henry Team wanted to share highlights from one of the world’s largest cannabis conferences at Marijuana Business Daily’s MJ Biz Conference - Las Vegas. This event highlights B2B innovation and education for cannabis business professionals and curious business owners from around the world. The growing support for cannabis legalization and normalization continues as MJ Business Daily reports a record number of attendees with over 27,000 registered participants.

Our very own co-founders were in attendance at the conference with John Henry - COO, James Henry SF participating in an interesting panel discussion that filled a conference room at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Navigating the CBD Maze. The panel discussion focused on sharing legality, efficacy, consumption methods, and other relevant information on both hemp and cannabis CBD products and applications. James Henry SF was honored to participate on the panel with EBB & Flow Farms and Herba Prima Co-Founder/CEO Amy Pascal and East Fork Cultivars Education & Partnership Manager Anna Symonds, both from the Oregon market. The panel was moderated by Marijuana Business Daily’s John Schroyer who asked a series of questions that allowed the panelists to explain full spectrum extracts and isolates, hemp-derived vs cannabis-derived extracts, promising business opportunities for the growing CBD markets, their views on CBD for pets, and more. Guests eagerly listened to the various expertise and advice which included cultivation experiences as well as extraction experiences. Here’s what John had to say about the panel:

It was an honor to share experiences and perspectives on the rise of CBD across the country. While there are plenty of business opportunities, the real power is in helping people learn about the benefits of CBD and how effective use can mean the difference between an average individual, or a patient, and a better quality of life. There are thousands of stories from all demographics where a CBD-enriched endocannabinoid system yields faster recovery times from fatigue, relief from nausea, anxiety, dry skin, and many other common and chronic inconveniences.

For entrepreneurs and businesses looking to participate in the CBD cultivation and product industry, we all have a responsibility to the patients and consumers that re looking for relief from something when they purchase our products. It’s up to us to navigate the local regulatory landscapes in addition to the true science behind developing products that are effective and/or supplemental. But we must always remember the purpose via the quality and care we place into our products and businesses.

Lastly, it was a great pleasure ot participate on the panel with other great entrepreneurs and industry professionals with Marijuana Business Daily. As this was my second year attending, it was an honor to return as a guest speaker at the largest cannabis event in the world!

Universities are Teaching Cannabis

Class is in session, and if you are matriculating in the upcoming years, expect to see medical cannabis in the curriculum. With multiple states coming online to legalize medical cannabis it is no surprise that accredited universities are now adding cannabis to their curriculum. The science in medical cannabis can’t be ignored due to the amount of documented research and case studies that prove it’s medicinal benefits. The beauty of the university's movement to add cannabis to their curriculum is that all of its medical findings can now be explored in a trusted academic setting.

Why Should We Further Cannabis Research?

There are many cases where the medicinal properties of cannabis have reversed and/or cured chronic health conditions that over 133,000,000 Americans may be facing. Dr. Jeff Chen, the head of UCLA cannabis research, and his team of 40 are part of this ever so growing number of intellects and scholars who are invested in the research based on empirical data. Many universities and medical platforms are studying cannabis and its positive response to receptors within the human body. The messaging seems to be the same with all researchers,

"Cannabis may represent a cheap, safe, and effective alternative to certain pharmaceutical drugs for certain diseases" – Dr. Jeff Chen of UCLA.

JamesHenry believes that this research will allow everyone to review the findings and make an informed decision when it comes to their health.

Where Is Cannabis Headed?

States who have legalized marijuana have noticed a decrease in prescription drugs, crime, 911 calls and homicide. The vast information regarding the health benefits of cannabis is causing a ripple effect, and soon, this new paradigm, proven with academia science, will be known as fact. Thanks to modern technology and medical science, information can be shared and explored across the globe with one click of a button.

Universities with Cannabis Education/Research

  • University of Washington

  • University of California Davis (UC Davis)

  • Oregon State

  • Dunlap-Stone University

  • University of Vermont

  • Ohio State University

  • Northern Michigan University

  • Hofstra

  • Harvard University

  • Denver University

  • Cloverleaf University

  • Vanderbilt University

  • UCLA

  • University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy

  • LSU Louisiana State University

  • Southern University

  • Oaksterdam

What is the Economic Growth of Cannabis?

We’ve explored all of the positive effects that cannabis can have on the human body and overall health benefits, now let’s dive deeper into another little secret. This wonder of a plant has been estimated to bring in $70 Billion dollars by 2021. In its infant stage, there has never been another industry to have had projections like these.

The fact that universities are adding cannabis to their curriculum says a lot about our advancement in the direction of medicine. Here at JamesHenry, we encourage one another to learn from history.

A great historical philosopher once said “Let Thy Food be Thy Medicine.”

And we plan to do just that. At James Henry SF we provide you with the education and the tools to make informed decisions on your medicine of choice.

Preventing and Overcoming Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer Awareness Month: Schedule Your Screening

In our efforts to acknowledge and support Colon Cancer Awareness Month, it’s important to discuss that doctors are unclear as to what directly causes cancer of the colon beyond identifying cell abnormalities that clump together causing noncancerous adenomatous polyps and/or tumors in the final portion of the digestive tract. Colorectal cancer represented 8% of new cancer patients in the U.S. last year. In 2017, this percentage was an estimated 135.4k new cases and 50.2k deaths.

While it may be extremely difficult to determine what causes colon cancer, researchers and doctors suggest that DNA (hereditary factors) and dietary habits (specifically, those high in fat and low in fiber) can greatly increase the risk of developing colon cancer with men (46%) at a higher rate than women (35%). These risks are even higher in persons with a family history of colon cancer or rectal cancer. Screening should commence at age 50 for persons with no family history or symptoms of colorectal cancer and as early as age 30 for persons that have a family history and/or other contributing risk factors.

Prevention and Treatment


Dr. Olga Obie urges everyone to take more control of their health by knowing their family health history to help inform/guide both self and doctor’s diagnosis, preventing sickness and disease through healthy, organic eating, and focusing on preventative self-care. With this, the American Institute for Cancer Research states that small choices in our daily eating and activity habits could prevent nearly half the new cases of colon cancer each year. Age, weight, and excessive body fat increase risk. In addition, it is recommended to limit alcohol and red meat intake while avoiding processed meats altogether. Foods that contain garlic and that are high in fiber have been shown to reduce dietary risks; 10g of fiber per day reduces the risk of colorectal cancer by 10%. Being active for 30 minutes per day also helps reduce risks while improving weight and mood hormonal balance.


Treatments for colon cancer are extensive, ranging from minimally invasive surgery to remove cancerous polyps from the colon wall for early-stage detection to partial colectomy and radiation/chemotherapy for more advanced and invasive cases of colon cancer. Most often, a combination of surgery and radiation/chemotherapy occurs. However, overall health condition may complicate and/or limit options for treatment. The most important prevention factors are the easiest: prevention and early detection. A healthy lifestyle with proper diet, fitness and health screening routines can prevent a great deal of sickness and disease.

Cannabis As A Treatment

The National Cancer Institute has demonstrated in mice studies that endogenous cannabinoid system signaling is likely to provide intrinsic protection against colonic inflammation. This suggests phytocannabinoids and endocannabinoids may be very useful at preventing and treating colorectal cancer. At James Henry SF, we truly believe that cannabis should be considered as a primary treatment option for all cancer patients.

Those individuals that have had to support and celebrate family, friends & loved ones battling traditional radiation and chemotherapy treatments will attest to the harsh side effects of treatment options for cancer patients. These harsh treatments sometimes can’t be avoided but in other cases, radiation and chemotherapy can be either avoided altogether or supplemented with cannabis (under a qualified physician’s guidance that understands cannabinoid therapies) to help reduce harsh side effects of nausea, pain, appetite loss and more. Cannabis treatment can also simultaneously destroy tumor cells with THC, repair and build healthy new cells with CBD, and improve the overall quality of healing with its naturally bioavailable compounds. James Henry SF implores all of our patients, consumers and readers to consult informed physicians on cannabinoid therapy as an effective treatment against cancer and other medical concerns. Remember to schedule your screening today!

Get to Sleep Faster and More Sound with Cannabis

It’s time to share a few tips on sleeping with cannabis and promoting a better quality of life with sufficient rest. Yes, cannabis does help with inducing and maintaining a good night’s rest, but it’s important to understand what types of cannabis and cannabis products are more suited for these purposes. For example, we definitely wouldn’t recommend our Evening: Social vape pen for a good night’s rest with all of its sativa properties. Instead, we recommend our Weekend: Retreat that contains relaxing indica properties conducive to getting you off to bed at night. But what do you do when vaping or even combusting doesn’t induce the desired counting of sheep at night? We’ll share a few tips below.

Why Do I Need a Minimum 7 Hours of Sleep at Night?

Sleep promotes healthy brain and mood functioning, it regulates energy levels for work and physical activities and promotes overall personal performance such as driving reaction times, social engagement, day-to-day problem solving, etc. Despite all of the positive benefits of sleep,  35% of adults and 68% of high school students experience short sleep duration (<7 hrs) in the United States. In fact, you may fall into this category If you are restless at night or wake up in the middle of the night.  Over the course of the next day, you may find it difficult to maintain energy levels, balanced moods, and productive focuses. These short-term effects are more noticeable today, but can lead to longer-term chronic conditions tomorrow. Lack of sufficient sleep affects children and adults of all backgrounds. In fact, children require sufficient deep sleep to produce the hormones necessary for healthy growth and repair of bones, tissue, and muscle mass. The same hormones promote healthy cell and tissue repair in adults as well.

How Does Cannabis Help With Sleep?

Specifically, indica varieties of cannabis contain specific terpenes that allow the body to experience deeper, euphoric relaxation when combined with the naturally available THC that cannabis plants produce. More common terpenes that are known to possess relaxing and sedative effects are myrcene, linalool, and bisabolol. When selecting cannabis and cannabis products to help with sleep quality, try indica profiles that contain these terpenes.

There are also other cannabinoids that have relaxing and sedative properties to help with good night’s rest. We don’t hear about this cannabinoid too often, but Cannabinol (CBN) is the most sedative cannabinoid known, according to Steep Hill Laboratories. This cannabinoid results from aged or oxidized cannabis and is said to take on similar properties of diazepam, the pharmaceutical reference for Valium. Steep Hill notes that CBN may be an effective substitute for patients and consumers desiring little to no psychoactive effects. The most common products that contain CBN are edibles and tinctures, as aged cannabis is not desired for flower consumption.

Too Much THC Can Inhibit Restful Sleep

While cannabis can help with sleep, it is important to note that studies have shown that frequent use of cannabis has been linked to greater sleep difficulties. The study findings show that while occasional marijuana use doesn't disrupt sleep, heavy (or daily) marijuana use is associated with sleep difficulties. Thus, in the case of cannabis as a sleeping aid, less is more. If you’re a daily cannabis consumer experiencing issues with sleep quality, try consuming more CBD products to help with stress and anxiety while decreasing THC consumption. It’s no secret that cannabis affects individuals very differently. Researchers attribute the variance to both plant and individual genetics. Therefore, figuring which variant is right for you will take some self-experimentation.

Tips For Sleeping With Cannabis

  1. Understand that sleep quality starts well before bedtime. Diet and physical habits both play an important role in promoting healthy sleep. A dark, quiet environment promotes better sleep hygiene. Avoid snacking on potentially disruptive foods prior to bedtime, which means saying no to those feelings of the munchies.

  2. Indica varieties are better for sleep. Look for varieties that contain the following terpenes: myrcene, linalool, and bisabolol. Avoid sativa varieties before bed.

  3. Explore other cannabinoids and ratioed products that combine CBD/THC if euphoric side effects are not desired. If flower or vape consumption is not enough to help with your sleep habits, try CBD:THC tinctures and edibles that are formulated to promote restful sleep. Just be careful not to consume too much.

  4. In addition to exploring other cannabinoids, try exploring other herbal solutions to combine with cannabis as well. Chamomile, lavender, and valerian are all calming and relaxing herbs that promote healthy sleep and make delicious teas. Food-grade lavender oil can be ingested, or try aromatherapy solutions with essential oils and candles.

  5. Lack of sleep affects mood and should be balanced with supplements such as serotonin or 5-HTP. Certain foods are high in tryptophan which the body utilizes to convert into 5-HTP. These foods include turkey, salmon, kiwis, pineapples, and various grains to say a few.

  6. Lastly, relaxing routines prior to bedtime may also help you gain restful slumber. We’ll share with you a relaxing routine with cannabis and cannabis products:

    1. Supplement your diet throughout the day to promote healthy serotonin production and levels. Limit alcohol consumption as this has been proven to negatively affect sleep quality as well. Reduce/eliminate THC consumption during the daytime; try CBD instead. A less stressful daytime makes for an even less stressful nighttime.

    2. Physical activity and exposure to daylight are also important components to consider.

    3. After a nice early dinner, try vaping with our Weekend: Retreat Formulation. If you need more, try a sleep-inducing tincture or edible earlier than later, as consumption prior to bedtime is not as effective.

    4. Once relaxed, but not impaired, a nice hot shower with lavender or eucalyptus body wash is great for taking away more physical stress from the day while incorporating aromatherapy that will also act upon your senses.

    5. Apply your favorite infused topical rub to those achy areas and the bottom of your feet. Put on your favorite pair of socks and you’ll feel lighter on your feet as you start to drift to sleep.

    6. Use a timed insomnia playlist of soft rain, a rolling ocean, and/or other soothing nature sounds.

    7. Try a calming pillow mist to keep the senses in a relaxed state while you dream away.

And there you have it, a recipe for a good night’s sleep. Everybody loves a better slumber. So if you’re up for the challenge, we’d love to hear about your journey to a better rest! Send your stories and updates to Happy sleeping!

James Henry SF Products Overview

The James Henry SF team takes pride in possessing the most potent, uncut disposable cannabis products in the marketplace. Our products are carefully curated from seed-to-sale, with pesticide-free flower sources that undergo various checkpoints during the CO2 extraction and distillation processes. All of our disposable products possess natural, cannabis-extracted compounds and terpenes. Our products contain no additives, no fillers, and no carrier oils. They’re possibly the most beautiful oil in a disposable vape pen EVER!

During development, we carefully identified CBD and THC  ratios to enhance your lifestyle at any time of the day and saving you that trip to the dispensary. CBD balances the negative impacts of THC consumption (i.e. orientation, eye trafficking, heart rate), and various ratios of CBD and THC provide different experiences and benefits.

Daytime: Focus

Start Your Day Off Right

Formulated to de-stress the worries of the workday, our Daytime: Focus formula helps to calm anxiety and maintain concentration for tasks at hand. Inspired by the synthetic pharmaceutical drug Adderall, which is commonly used to treat ADHD, this 5:1 CBD-dominant formulation is great for slowing racing thoughts, smoothing anxious edges, and providing a fully functional experience to help optimize your busy day. This tranquil calm is one that only you will recognize, as this formulation has not been designed to cause low-eyes or other negative symptoms when used properly. Parents and professionals are raving about these benefits.

Our formulation has also been shown to be great for helping ease irritability and anxiety disorder, which has been shown to affect over 40 million adults in the US.  And for those who are still experiencing rattled nerves after a long day in the office, this ratio of THC has been proven to help balance and deescalate those unwanted feelings of anxiety. As it encourages focus, this formula simultaneously aids in relieving ADHD, a chronic condition producing attention difficulty, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness.

Evening: Social

Be Your True Self

Kinda shy? We are too. But that doesn’t stop us from enjoying happy hours with friends and colleagues. Inspired by Prozac, which is used to treat depression, panic attacks, and obsessive-compulsive disorder, we formulated an ideal mix of CBD and THC in our Social product. Our Evening: Social formula is a 10:1 THC-dominant formulation that will take away those feelings of awkward bar conversations, while allowing you to be comfortable with your witty quirks and social ninja skills. By combating the negative effects of THC with the added benefits of CBD, we’ve perfected what you will need in those awkward social situations. This formulation contains the right balance of sativa properties that provide an excellent experience, which is pleasantly apparent to the temple and relieves pressure from behind the eyes.

This ratio has been shown to be effective for inspiring creativity and social engagement. Therefore it simultaneously combats depression, a disorder that affects approximately 14.8 million American adults in a given year. In addition, this 10:1 THC-dominant formulation helps to relieve ache and pain. Thereby it serves as a muscle relaxant with antispasmodic effects, as well as a powerful neuroprotectant and antioxidant. In fact, it has 20 times the anti-inflammatory power of aspirin and twice that of hydrocortisone.

Weekend: Retreat

Relax & Unwind

TGIF! Or not. Weekend: Retreat is great for escaping weekdays and clocking out for weekends alike. The benefits of this THC dominant product are best felt during periods of rest, relaxation, and recovery at home. This formulation will enhance your favorite music album, increase laughter towards your favorite movie, and allow you to rest easier at night. Inspired by the synthetic pharmaceutical drug  Xanax, which acts on the brain to produce a calming effect, and formulated with the experienced consumers in mind, this ratio of indica properties produces an amazing body experience that enables deep relaxation and stimulates recovery of sore muscles from those long gym sessions.

Weekend:Retreat is recommended for relaxation, musical appreciation and sound therapy. Since this formula is dominated by THC, the THC is able to bind with cannabinoid receptors in the brain and central nervous system to stimulate relaxation. Because of this, this product line also helps with insomnia and chronic pain. In addition, Weekend:Retreat helps stimulate the appetite. As THC binds to receptors, they trigger the brain to induce neurons to stimulate the production of ghrelin - the 'hunger hormone'.

How To Use

For your simplicity of use, our disposable vape pen is equipped with hardware that requires no charging or screwing, no buttons and no attaching or detaching. To use, simply open our gorgeous pack and begin enjoying a simple, easy, and relaxing James Henry SF experience.

For maximum benefit, you should take 2-3 second inhalations, by simply putting the atomizer to your lips and inhaling, until desired relief and/or experience is achieved. We suggest inhaling through the CCell Atomizer slowly, almost sipping, for the best experience. Try to avoid holding the vapor within your lungs, as THC has been shown to be absorbed into your system within seconds of inhaling. Feel free to wait a minute or so until the next inhalation.

Our Approach

We recommend using CBD in the morning to assist with focus, a CBD:THC ratio in the afternoon or evening to help enjoy a happy hour or social situation, and a THC solution at night and/or on the weekends for therapeutic assistance and muscle recovery.  We’ve got you covered during every part of the day: we created the optimal daytime product, Focus, to harness CBD’s benefits in order for our users to start their day off right. We formulated Social to allow users to be more comfortable in those awkward social situations. And we crafted Retreat with an optimal THC percentage to provide an ideal user experience for rest and relaxation, all while encouraging responsible consumption. Our products allow consumers to experience all of the great benefits of cannabis throughout the day as a productive and alert individual when consumed properly.